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About Us

If you want to know more about us just read the text below

Hey, I'm Mino. A 18 years old german developer. I'm coding java plugins since 8 years now. I've started my career on fiverr and it worked very well.
After a while I decided to quit fiverr to start my own projects. The Team 'Miinoo_' was born.

  • connecting to databases
  • supporting multiple Minecraft versions
  • implementing other APIs

The team behind 'Miinoo_' is a team of developers based in Germany. We're coding websites, minecraft plugins and other software. Some of us are not doing the developement as job. They're using their free time to code for you. Please keep that in mind.

  • creating config-files and data-storage-files
  • connecting your plugin with your website
  • friendly and reliable customer support

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Here you can see some of your services we guarantee!

Minecraft Plugins

You are the owner of a minecraft server and searching for some custom made minecraft plugins?


We can code simple portfolio websites or dashboard websites with user login interfaces.


We also can create Addons for existing systems to make it more custom for your needs!